Lightroom Consultancy

“Your Photos, Your Catalog, Your Computer”

Adobe Lightroom is a very powerful piece of software. It allows you to manage, find, process and output your images. To get the real benefits from Lightroom however you need to get it set-up correctly. Training courses with test catalogs and test images can only teach you so much. Implementing what you have learned with your photos, in your catalog on your computer can be a little daunting. Unless you have someone with you to guide you through the process.

I have been using Lightroom since the early beta releases, and have been providing training in how to use and configure Lightroom for since 2010.

Lightroom Consultancy

With one-to-one Lightroom Consultancy, I will spend time with you to help you set-up your computer to get the best from Lightroom.  This will be different for each person.  But the most common tasks I have done for clients are:

  • Ensuring all the configurations and settings are set to the most appropriate values
  • Defining a storage structure for images
  • Defining a workflow and configuring a catalog so that it can easily be used on both a laptop and desktop
  • Walking through a ‘best practices’ workflow from import of images to export
  • Helping a client consolidate images into a single master catalog and file structure

I am also able to offer any of my Lightroom training events as one-to-one personal tuition if you would like to receive your Lightroom training that way.

I have two different rates for Lightroom consultancy.

  • For professional and semi-professional photographers, I charge £35 per hour.  (First consultation/booking will be a minimum of 2hrs, but this includes an additional half-hour (not charged) to first understand your business/workflow so that I can help you get Lightroom set up correctly for YOUR business model.)
  • For enthusiasts, I charge £25 per hour.  (First consultation/booking is a minimum of 2hrs)

I am happy to come to your home and work with you on your computer system – alternatively, you are welcome to bring your computer to the studio and we can work there.  If I have to travel more than 10 miles to your location, I charge mileage at the approved UK Inland Revenue rates (currently 45p per mile).  Remote access/telephone consultation is also available.

Lightroom Trouble Shooting, Support or Instruction

If you don’t require full consultation but just need quick answers, support or instruction.  I offer telephone and/or remote access help.  This is charged at £10 per 15mins.

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