Private Tuition

“Our training events for you and your friends”

We have over 70 different training events.  It can take a while for a particular training session to appear on the calendar.  If you don’t want to wait and know other photographers who would like to attend the same event I can run it exclusively for you and your friends.

With over 70 different training events, it can be quite some time before the event that you want to do comes up on the calendar. If you don’t want to wait, and you know some other photographers who would like to do the same event, then I can run the event just for you and your friends.

You can download the training prospectus here. The prospectus lists all the different training events that we run at Ian’s Studio. All the sessions last approximately three hours, and they all come with training notes and/or lighting diagrams.

The price for private training sessions varies according to the number of photographers attending:

No. of Photo-
Price Per Person(*) Total
Price (*)
1 £100 £100
2 £55 £110
3 £40 £120
4 £35 £140
5 £30 £150
6 £25 £150

(*) NOTE:  If the session requires a model or models their fee will be added on to the price quoted above.  The model fee will depend on the model(s) booked and the price will be agreed with you prior to confirming the booking. As a guideline for a 3hr session, a typical model fee will be between £50 and £75 and that cost will be split between the photographers attending the session.