Small Group Shoots

Small Group Shoots are similar to our “Mentored Studio Hire” but for small groups of photographers.  These sessions are popular with experienced studio photographers who want to further develop their skills.


The purpose of these sessions is to enable you and the other photographers at the session to look at a type of studio photography in more detail.

Because we are looking at advanced lighting techniques and we want to ensure that every photographer attending gets plenty of time shooting, I generally advise that these sessions are full-day, typically 10am till 4pm with a break for lunch.

The ideal number of photographers for these sessions is three, however, if you are a group of two or four that is also possible.

I will help you will the planning of the shoot, pulling together ideas from all the photographers and I will assist you in booking a suitable model for the shoot.

I will sit in the studio throughout your shoot.  I will be providing advice throughout your shoot on how you can get the best out of the lighting and model you have chosen to work with.  This may include topics such as shooting style, your choice of angles, how you provide direction to the model.  If there are additional poses or props that might enhance your subject I will suggest them too.

Hopefully, you will know in advance what type of lighting you wish to use so that I can provide lighting diagrams and notes documenting a number of possible lighting set-ups.

For your first small group shoot session, I will also provide you with printed notes covering studio equipment.  Book a second session and at that session, you will receive printed notes covering advice on working with models.

The actual price of the session depends on a number of factors.  (ie number of photographers, model, length of session)

As a guideline: A typical session with three photographers, lasting 10am till 4pm, with an experienced art nude model would normally cost £300 (ie £100 per photographer) – this includes the model’s fee, studio costs, and tuition.

If you do not know any other photographers who wish to do one of these sessions, please contact me, with details of the subject(s)/type of shoot you would like to do and when I have photographers interested in the same genre, who I think will work well together as a small group shoot I will put you in contact with each other.