Do you want your photos critiqued?

I am in the process of recording a range of photography tutorial/training videos. I am looking for one or more volunteers to have their some of their photos critiqued.

The critique will be in the form of a video, that will be released on my website and through various other channels (such as youtube). The critique will be constructive but it will also be honest – if I don’t like something I will say so.

If you want to volunteer you will need to supply full resolution copies of 6-10 of your BEST images for me to critique. You will also need to ensure that the shooting data (exif data) is intact.

If you are interested. Do NOT send me anything yet – instead send an email to stating that you which to be critiqued.  Every so often I will then invite selected photographers to submit images to be critiqued.  I will do this by creating a shared dropbox folder for you to upload your images to.  (That is why I need your email address).

When you upload your images I will ask you to complete the document below – this gives me all the information I need to do the critique and lists the terms and conditions that apply to the submission of  the images.  Without this document being fully completed I cannot create the critique video.  You may wish to download the document and ensure you are happy with the Ts&Cs before sending me an email to say you wish to be part of this.