PhotoDVD – ““

What is a PhotoDVD?

A DVD containing digital high-resolution copies of ALL processed photographs from the production AND a video slide show you can watch on your TV.

PhotoDVD Contents

  • High-resolution JPG images are suitable for use as PC wallpaper and viewing or printing on your computer.  Included on the disk will be ALL processed photographs from the show. (typically 100+ images).  This includes any rehearsal photos and cast photos that were taken.
  • Web-resolution JPG images that are suitable for use on social media such as Facebook or Instagram (You may post up to 10 images online)
  • Playable on any DVD player – Insert the disk into any DVD player and you will be able to view a professionally produced video slide presentation of images from the production.  This will include all suitable images from the production.  The typical length of the presentation will be 7-15 minutes depending on the number of suitable photographs.
  • HD Video file (.MP4 Format) that you copy to mobile devices or play on a smart TV (it is 1080p resolution if you need to know!)

Price: £10 (plus £2 p&p)

Don’t have DVD player or DVD drive on your computer?

We also offer Memory Sticks containing all the image files, plus the slide show as both an HD video and a 4K/UltraHD video – Click HERE to find out more and to order.