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Another shot of Thorshavn marina.

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      Not edited as much as the previous one, trying to use the small jettys to lead the eye into to photo.

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        Hi Garry,
        I thought I had replied to this one, but clearly I haven’t! This is certainly an improvement over the previous one. And the small jetties do help to lead the viewer’s eye into the image.

        I have two issues with the shot however – the first, I think you know what I am going say is the colour cast. The green colour in the shadow areas makes this look like it has had a odd post-production filter applied to it (if I had to guess I would say a lomography filter). I suspect that you quite like the odd colour effects in your images (and if you do that’s fine, they are your images). But my suggestion for you at the moment is to concentrate on making your colours as realistic as possible. Even if what you are aiming for is colour cast because once you have got a good base image you can control how the colour changes affect the image.

        The second area is the bright white section of the sky – the eye is drawn to it away from the rest of the scene. I’m going to be doing a technique sheet or blog post in a few weeks all about preserving detail in the sky so look out for that. The quickest solution however is to check the image on the back of the camera and if you can see the detail blown out, use exposure compensation to underexpose until it isn’t. Then in post-production you can bring up the shadow areas.

        Hope that helps – I’ll have a look at some of the other images later – I’ve mentioned in this weeks Newsletter that you have posted images here for review and I am asking Academy Members to add their thoughts so that you get a different perspective than just mine.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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      Photographers Home Photo Community Critique Requests Another shot of Thorshavn marina.