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    I’m Garry Gabbitas from Sheffield.

    I’d describe myself as a “keen amateur” when it comes to photography, although I have some technical knowledge; I learned on a manual camera (Canon F1), so I understand the Exposure Triangle,depth of field, use of shutter speeds etc.

    I do general photography, “holiday snaps”, local area and interest photos – I don’t specialise in any one particular field.

    Currently, I am using a Canon EOS 750D with a 17-85mm and a 55-250mm lens. I also have an old Olympus Camedia C-4000 which is my “stick in the jacket pocket” camera, as opposed to my phone.

    I met Ian on the CMV vessel Columbus on a recent holiday to Iceland, and joined the forum on returning home.

    I’m hoping to learn about photo composition, as I’m the first to admit that I don’t have an artistic bent. I am also getting into photo editing although I probably tend to over-edit. The photo of Thorshavn marina in the Critique Request section is a good example – it is more appropriate for the picture on a box of local souvenir biscuits rather than an accurate representation of the marina. At the moment, I like finding out what the editors can produce.

    As for salad or burgers – salad is food’s food.

    Post count: 26

    Hi Gary,
    Welcome to Ian’s Academy. Look forward to seeing some of your work, especially given that, like me, you reckon your artistic tendencies are lacking. I find it very hard to ‘see’ a good image and tend not to recognise them even if I have captured one.
    Best wishes,

    Garry Gabbitas
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    Some of my shots are in the Critique Request section, others on Instagram.

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