Lightroom Presets Guide & Downloads

This “guide” consists of a download of presets to be used in Lightroom’s develop module and instructions on how to use them.

Please note this is currently a ‘beta test’ version of the presets – but the download page will be updated with the final versions of the notes and presets when they are released.

Access to the guide and presets is a one time purchase which will grant you lifetime access to the Lightroom presets and to the associated notes and instructions on how to use them.

You will get:

  • 70+ Lightroom Presets to help process your images
  • 1 PDF guide to using the presets (to be released when the beta phase is over)
  • Access to 7 training videos on how to use the presets – a total of 28mins of video training.

Please note: Academy Membership will grant you full access to this course, and others for as long as you remain an Academy Member – for more information about joining the Academy please visit this page:  

Academy membership costs £6 per month or £60 per year.