Introduction to Digital Photography Course

Ian’s Studio used to run a course call “The Introduction to Digital Photography Course” which was designed to help anyone just starting out with a digital camera. With the opening of The Academy, that course has been replaced by a series of individual classroom training sessions.

We generally advise photographers to do the 8 modules in order.  However some photographers may already have a good knowledge of the topics covered in a particular session, therefore we do allow photographers to just book the individual sessions they are interested in.  However you should pay careful attention to the topics covered in the previous sessions to ensure you fully understand those topics.

The following modules make up the course.  Click each link for more information about the module:

  • CR001 – Composition & Point of View
  • CR002 – Understanding Cameras and Lenses
  • CR003 – “What the f ?!?” – Understanding f-numbers, aperture, shutter speed & ISO
  • CR004 – Exposing Yourself – Understanding Camera Exposure
  • CR005 – Understanding and Controlling the Light
  • CR006 – Introduction Digital Image Management and Editing
  • CR007 – Coping with Difficult Conditions and Bad Weather
  • CR008 – Developing as a Photographer

Plus optionally either of the following

  • PR901 – Photo Walk Stockport
  • PR902 – Photo Walk Manchester

In person versions of these courses are aranged every so often.  They are also being converted into online training session available exclusively to Academy Members.  (Monthly membership costs £6).   You can join The Academy here.

The following modules are currently scheduled:

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