Introduction to Digital Photography Course

Ian’s Studio used to run a course call “The Introduction to Digital Photography Course” which was designed to help anyone just starting out with a digital camera. With the opening of The Academy, that course has been replaced by a series of individual classroom training sessions.

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We generally advise photographers to do the 8 sessions in order.  However some photographers may already have a good knowledge of the topics covered in a particular session, therefore we do allow photographers to just book the individual sessions they are interested in.  However you should pay careful attention to the topics covered in the previous sessions to ensure you fully understand those topics.

The modules which make up the course are as follows:

Plus optionally either of the following

  • PR901 – Photo Walk Stockport
  • PR902 – Photo Walk Manchester

All sessions are “Academy Events” which means that non-Academy Members can only book in the two weeks prior to each event date.  Academy Members can book anytime and get a £6 discount when booking any Academy Event before it is open to non-members.   (Monthly membership costs £6).   You can join The Academy here.

The following modules are currently scheduled:

Sunday, 8 September 2019 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
£30.00 (10 spaces left)
Woodbank Works, Turncroft Lane, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 4AR

This is a beginner session on how to manage all your digital images.  The session starts by looking at the difference between shooting JPG images and shooting RAW images, and the pros and cons between them.

The next section of the session covers naming conventions and filing conventions and why it is important to settle on a standard that works for you.

The final part of this session is an overview and walk-through of Adobe Lightroom.  Lightroom is the tool we recommend for managing and processing your images.

This session is the foundation session for our series of Adobe Lightroom training sessions.

This session may be taken as a standalone session or in conjunction with the other Lightroom sessions.  As with all Academy Events – printed training notes will be provided.

Suitable for: Beginners or anyone struggling to manage their ever-growing collection of digital images.  Not all cameras are capable of shooting in RAW mode, but if your camera is and you don’t yet shoot in RAW this session will help convince you to make the switch.  The overview of Lightroom is intended to be a very quick overview giving a flavour of what Lightroom can do.  For detailed Lightroom training see events:

A minimum of two photographers booking will be required to run this event.

Don’t forget, Academy Members get a £5 discount on this event.  Why not join the Academy today?