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  • POTD 1 Feb 2006: Disk Space 1 February 2006

    A lego brick…. or is it?

    I’m constantly running out of disk space on my PC – of course it wouldn’t be half so bad if I didn’t have such a back log of images to process.

    This week I purchased a new disk – it is an external USB2 250GB hard drive.  And it looks like a lego brick!

    Manufacturers Website

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  • POTD 1 Feb 2006: LaCie external USB disk drive in the shape of a lego brick 1 February 2006

    LaCie external USB disk drive in the shape of a lego brick

    I’m constantly running out of disk space on my PC – of course it wouldn’t be half so bad if I didn’t have such a back log of images to process.

    This week I purchased a new disk – it is an external USB2 250GB hard drive. And it looks like a lego brick!

    20015 Edit…

    9 Years ago I thought this was a huge capacity and that it would keep me going for ages!  Oh how technology has changed!

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a source of free photographs.
    This photograph is (c) Ian M Butterfield. All rights are reserved. No use Is permitted (including non-commercial use) without prior permission. If you wish to use any of my photographs please ask first.

    Image Reference: EY0201A-D00369

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  • POTD 2 Feb 2006: Unfortunately…. 2 February 2006

    Percussive Maintenance!

    I was asked if I could do a simple PC support job a week ago.  It was a simple job… upgrade the Antivirus software.  Simple job… or so I thought.

    Unfortunately, the upgraded antivirus software wouldn’t run on Windows 98.  So I upgraded the opperating system. 

    Unfortunately the new opperating system needed more memory.  I purchased a memory upgrade. 

    Unfortunately the opperating system upgrade didn’t work.  So I re-installed the opperating system. 

    Unfortutuately the modem didn’t work with the new opperating system.  So I replaced the modem. 

    Unfortunately the memory upgrade was faulty and needs to be replaced. 

    Unfortunately the replacement modem won’t work a full speed.

    Unfortunately I’m still going to be trying to sort this out tomorrow!

    There are times when I just hate PCs.

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  • POTD 3 Feb 2006: Call of Cthulhu 3 February 2006

    Roll Play Dice

    Roll-play gaming this evening.  Not played for a few months, so it’s been good to play again.  The current game is a new on on me:  The Call of Cthulhu.  Having said that I believe the RPG (Roll Play Game) has been arround for 10 or more years, and the stories it is based on are from the 1930s.

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  • POTD 4 Feb 2006: The Mouth of Truth 4 February 2006

    Bocca della Verita

    Woke up to an overnight sale:

    Country: United States
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Editorial-Online
    Industry: Financial Industry
    Sub-Industry: Banking
    Placement: Secondary screen
    Image Size: Icon
    Start: 03 February 2006
    End: 03 February 2009

    The image is Bocca de la Verita (litterally the mouth of truth) at S Maria in Cosmedin Church, Rome.  According to ledgend if a liar places his hand in the mouth he will not be able to remove it.

    I’m intrigued to know why a US bank want to use this image on their website.

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  • POTD 5 Feb 2006: Bible Mix-up 5 February 2006


    I got an unexpected phone call today – the Bible Study I was expecting to lead Monday next week is actually tomorrow!  Thankfully this is a study I’ve led a few times in the past (most recently being last November) so it won’t take too long to prepare.

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  • POTD 6 Feb 2006: Giant's Causeway 6 February 2006

    Giant’s Causeway

    I didn’t know what to pick as my photo of the day today.  Just another day at the office. 

    The picture of Giant’s Causeway is the photo for February on this year’s calendar.

    Wayfaring Waypoint for this photo

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  • POTD 7 Feb 2006: In today's paper? 7 February 2006

    Wrae Green, Lancashire

    I woke up to find the following sale on alamy:

    Country: United Kingdom
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Newspaper – National
    Industry: Media Industry
    Sub-Industry: Publishing
    Print run: up to 1 million
    Placement: Inside
    Image Size: 1 1/2 page
    Start: 07 February 2006
    End: 08 February 2006

    I’m quite keen to see how this one is being used – take a look at the size… one and a half pages!  That is BIG for a UK national.  So please, please, if you spot this in the paper please let me know.

    Just a brief comment to add that some UK newspapers only report their sales weeks/months after the event so it is possible that this has been and gone.  Others however do report on the day of use so it might be in today’s paper.

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  • POTD 8 Feb 2006: Phutt! 8 February 2006

    Dead RAM

    Litterally within seconds of hitting enter on yesterdays POTD entry.  I heard a fizz, crack, phutt noise come from my PC.  This was followd by my PC powering itself off.

    It didn’t take long to diagnose – one of my memory chips had blown!  Yes that is a photograph of the memory (alright I admit I added the smoke to the picture).

    Two trips to my local PC component supplier later and I’m back up and running again.  (The first lot of memory I bought just wouldn’t work with my motherboard and had to be replaced).  Why does it always take at least TWO trips to the shop to fix any problem?  Eh?

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  • POTD 9 Feb 2006: Piazza di Montecitorio 9 February 2006

    Piazza di Montecitorio

    After reparing my PC yesterday I found I’d had a new sale with Alamy.  The above image is of Piazza di Montecitorio in Rome.  Here’s the sales details:

    Country: Worldwide
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Book- Academic/Educational
    Industry: Non Profit/ Education
    Sub-Industry: Pre-school (0 – 5 years)
    Print run: up to 10,000
    Placement: Inside
    Image Size: 1/2 page
    Start: 08 February 2006
    End: 08 February 2009

    The interesting thing about this sale is the use – it’s in a book for 0-5 year olds!  “Children, the pseudo-egyptian obelisk is IN FRONT of the mock-Georgean office complex”

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  • POTD 10 Feb 2006: Rochdale 10 February 2006

    High-rise living

    Went to Rochdale this morning.  Not what I had planned for the day.  Got some excellent shots around the town centre, the light was great.  Also got a series of shots of some high-rise dwellings.  When you see these places on days like today you can see what the 1970’s architects had in mind – light, airy, living in the skies.  Shame most of the time the British climate leaves it cold, dull, grey and uninspired.

    If you want to know WHY I was in Rochdale you’ll have to ask Ann, I’m not allowed to say!

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  • POTD 11 Feb 2006: Happy First Birthday 11 February 2006

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    If you are already an Academy Member - please login below.

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  • POTD 12 Feb 2006: Wilde about Oscar! 12 February 2006

    Oscar Wilde

    On Friday I had another sale via Alamy:

    Country: World English Language
    Usage: Editorial
    Media: Travel Guides/Directories
    Industry: Retail books/magazines/newspapers
    Sub-Industry: Travel Guides
    Print run: up to 50,000
    Placement: Inside
    Image Size: 1/8 page
    Start: 10 February 2006
    End: 10 February 2007

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  • POTD 13 Feb 2006: Abu Simbel 13 February 2006

    Abu Simbel

    I’ve been scanning and sorting out some of my old slides recently.  I’ve not really looked at my slides since going digital nearly three years ago.  I’d kind of forgotten that I still have some good photos on slide film that hasn’t been scanned.

    I was particularly pleased with this shot I’d taken at Abu Simbel, in March 2003.

    Update 15 Feb 2006
    Take a look inside Abu Simbel

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  • POTD 14 Feb 2006: Sweet Hearts 14 February 2006

    For my sweetheart

    A special valentines day image. 
    This photo is, of course, especially for Ann.

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  • POTD 15 Feb 2006: Inside Abu Simbel 15 February 2006

    Inside Abu Simbel

    Two days ago I posted an image of Abu Simbel.  For today’s image I’d like to take you inside the temple.  Just visible on the external shot between the middle two statues is a huge door which leads inside the temple.  The interior like the exterior has been carved out of the hillside.  Stand at the door way and look inside and you will see these eight pillars carved in the form of statues of Rameses the Great.

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  • POTD 16 Feb 2006: Abu Simbel – The Sanctuary 16 February 2006

    The sanctuary of Abu simbel

    Today we continue our tour of Abu Simbel.  If you look at yesterday’s picture you can see a golden glow at the end of the temple.  That is the sactuary, carved deep into the mountain.

    Inside the sanctuary of an egyptian temple you would normally find a statue of the god to whom the temple is dedicated.  Here there are four statues – these are from left to right, Ptah, Amun-Ra, Rameses II and Ra-Horakhy.  This show that Rameses clearly thought himself to be a god.

    Twice a year in February and October the rising sun illuminates three out of four of the statues.  The one left in darkness is Ptah – the god of the underworld.

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  • POTD 17 Feb 2006: Smiting! 17 February 2006

    Ramses Smites his Enemies

    I’m going to conclude our mini-tour of the inside of Abu Simbel at this point with a carving showing Ramses II doing what he does best – smiting his enemies.  Well everyone should have a hobby! <Grin>

    This carving is on the wall to the left of the main entrance, you can see the light from the entrance spilling in from on right of the picture.

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  • POTD 18 Feb 2006: Beni 18 February 2006

    Beni at Abu Simbel

    As we conclude our tour of Abu Simbel, I’d like to take you outside again and introduce you to Beni.  Beni is a small teddy bear who travels with me and has been photographed in lots of different places round the UK, Ireland, Rome, Egypt and Jordan.

    Abu Simbel was Beni’s very first photo shoot.  You can learn more about Beni and the places he has visited at his very own website:  There are not many pages there at the moment but the site will grow over the next few months.  The aim is to make it into a light-hearted showcase for my travel photography.

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  • POTD 19 Feb 2006: Knockout Girl! 19 February 2006


    Regular readers of this photo diary may recall last month I mentioned I was planning a photo session with a model.  The shoot was post-poned from the originally planed date, but it did take place today.

    Bethan was excellent, very confident and a natural model. I’ve only had the briefest look at the photos from the session but I am very pleased with the results – especially with this ‘knockout’ shot.

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  • POTD Sun, 19 Feb 2006: Knockout Girl! 19 February 2006

    A teenage female boxer

    Regular readers of this photo diary may recall last month I mentioned I was planning a photo session with a model. The shoot was postponed from the originally planed date, but it did take place today.

    Bethan was excellent, very confident and a natural model. I’ve only had the briefest look at the photos from the session but I am very pleased with the results – especially with this ‘knockout’ shot.

    19 Feb 2015 Update – This was my first ever model shoot. Hard to believe it was nine years ago. Although I was pleased with the images nine years ago, now with 9 years more experience I know I could and would light this very differently if I was shooting it today.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a source of free photographs.
    This photograph is (c) Ian M Butterfield. All rights are reserved. No use Is permitted (including non-commercial use) without prior permission. If you wish to use any of my photographs please ask first.

    Image Reference: EY0219B-D00639

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  • POTD 20 Feb 2006: Student Life 20 February 2006

    Student Life

    This is another shot from yesterday’s shoot with Bethan.  I think this shot has a real ‘studenty’ feel to it.  And because it is against a white back ground it should be easy for prospective stock customers to cut out and use with whatever background they have in mind.

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  • POTD 21 Feb 2006: The Common Cold 21 February 2006

    Common Cold

    For those readers of this photo diary who are not in the photography bussness – stock photography is all about creating images which might be useful to illustraite articals, explain features or sell goods.

    Most of us catch at least one cold a year, so there should be plenty of opportunities to sell photographs on this theme.  It was with this in mind that I set up some shots at last Sunday’s photo session where it appears that Bethan is suffering from a common cold.

    If Bethan thought modeling was just about looking beautiful and smiling – I guess I dispelled that idea with these photos!


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  • POTD 22 Feb 2006: Foxton Locks 22 February 2006

    Foxton Locks

    Among the huge list of tasks I got through today I was updating Beni’s website to include details of our trip to Foxton Locks back in 2004.  The lighing that day was fantastic and I got a lot of very marketable images on that trip.

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  • POTD 23 Feb 2006: Kids 23 February 2006

    Playing together

    Last Sunday I did a reshoot of a family portrait session.  Although I got some reasonable pictures first time round the youngest child wasn’t at his best.  As I had the studio set up for the session with Bethan in the afternoon I invited the family back for a second go.

    I’ve been processing the images from that session today and I’m much happier with the shots this time.  Especially this one – I feel as though I’ve captured the life and playfulness of the two kids.

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  • POTD 24 Feb 2006: New Sebua (1) 24 February 2006


    Sunday 26 February 2006:
    I’ve had no inspiration for a photograph of the day for the last two days.  This is mainly because I’ve spent much of that time working on my procedures for processing and captioning photographs rather than really looking at photographs as photographs.   It is now Sunday – so I have decided to post a retrospective sequence of three image from New Sebua in Nubia, southern Egypt.  No real reason other than they make an interesting sequence, that and the fact I’ve been using images from this trip to test changes to my workflow/procedures.

    Welcome to Wadi-el-Sebua

    This is the temple of Wadi-el-Sebua.  When the high dam was built in Egypt in the 1960 to create Lake Nasser and to provide power and a controlled water supply for the country it meant that many of the temples built on the banks of the Nile would be submerged and lost forever.  That was until an international race against time happened to dismantle as many of the temples as possible and relocate them on higher ground.  Sites were chosen which reflected the original locations as closely as possible and brick by brick the majority of the temples were saved. 

    The temple of Wadi-el-Sebua (which means litterally “Valley of the Lions”) was moved and the location it now stands at is know simply as “New Sebua”.

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  • POTD 25 Feb 2006: New Sebua (2) 25 February 2006

    A human-headed sphinx

    Sunday 26 February 2006:
    This entry is a day late but it part of a sequence that begins with yesterday’s entry.

    Avenue of Sphinxes

    The entrance to the temple of Wadi-el-Sebua is marked by a mini avenue of sphinxes,  in the first courtyard there are six human headed sphinxes (of which today’s picture is one).  In the next courtyard there are/were four falcon headed sphinxes. Saddly all four are badly damaged and are actually headless falcon headed sphinxes!

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  • POTD 26 Feb 2006: New Sebua (3) 26 February 2006

    How the mighty have fallen

    If you’ve come direct to this entry in the photo diary and noticed that it says “New Sebua (3)” and you want to know where entries (1) and (2) are and why they weren’t here yesterday, you should read  Friday’s entry for an explanation.  It is also the start of this sequence on New Sebua.

    Preserving the Scene of the Crime

    As mentioned in Friday’s entry the Wadi-el-Sebua temple was saved from the rising waters of Lake Nasser in the 1960s and rebuilt at the current site.  When the temple was originally constructed on the orders of Ramses the Great, the entrance was flanked by to huge statues of the Pharaoh.  At some point in antiquity one of the statues was demolished and someone has tried to remove it.  Before giving up they had moved the fallen statue several hundred metres away from the temple where it was abandoned in the sands.

    When the temple was relocated in the 1960s the statue was not reunited with the temple was was placed in the same relative position several hundred metres away from the relocated temple. The scene of the crime was preserved and the half buried statue acts as an errie sign post on the path to Wadi-el-Sebua.

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  • POTD 27 Feb 2006: New Sebua (4) 27 February 2006

    Buldozer at New Sebua

    This is the fourth and final image from this short sequence of photos from New Sebua.  (See Friday’s entry for the first).  As I’ve mentioned a couple of times in this sequence the Wadi-el-Sebua temple was resuced from the rising waters of the Nile/Lake Nasser in the 1960s.

    When the work was completed at each of the new locations for the temples, the workmen left one item of machinary behind as a monument to the work that was undertaken to move the temples.  Here at New Sebua a bulldozer stands as a sentinel.

    Website Changes

    You may have also noticed that this website has changed today.  I thought it was time to ‘brighten it up a little’ and additionally the new format will permit me to post wider images from now on.

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  • POTD 28 Feb 2006: Drombeg Stone Circle 28 February 2006

    Drombeg Stone Circle, Co. Cork, Ireland.

    Since the change to the website enables me to show wider images, I thought’d I better pick an image that shows of the change to it’s best effect.

    This is Drombeg Stone Circle in Co. Cork, Ireland.  We visited it on our whistle-stop tour of Ireland last year.  I remember we pulled in to the car park at the same time as a coach tour.  So I had to sprint down the track to the stone circle to get a few minutes to photograph it before it was over run with tourists.  I got a few shots but then I had to work round them.

    Generally, I don’t mind tourists – they have as much a right to see the locations I photograph as I do, but what does anoy me is when I’m trying to get a shot of a location such as happened at this stone circle, and two tourists stand in the middle of it, talking to each other and not even glancing at the stone circle.  I had had to wait quite a long time for them to move before I got this shot.

    See this location ploted on a map at

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