Drombeg Stone Circle, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Since the change to the website enables me to show wider images, I thought’d I better pick an image that shows of the change to it’s best effect.

This is Drombeg Stone Circle in Co. Cork, Ireland.  We visited it on our whistle-stop tour of Ireland last year.  I remember we pulled in to the car park at the same time as a coach tour.  So I had to sprint down the track to the stone circle to get a few minutes to photograph it before it was over run with tourists.  I got a few shots but then I had to work round them.

Generally, I don’t mind tourists – they have as much a right to see the locations I photograph as I do, but what does anoy me is when I’m trying to get a shot of a location such as happened at this stone circle, and two tourists stand in the middle of it, talking to each other and not even glancing at the stone circle.  I had had to wait quite a long time for them to move before I got this shot.

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