Percussive Maintenance!

I was asked if I could do a simple PC support job a week ago.  It was a simple job… upgrade the Antivirus software.  Simple job… or so I thought.

Unfortunately, the upgraded antivirus software wouldn’t run on Windows 98.  So I upgraded the opperating system. 

Unfortunately the new opperating system needed more memory.  I purchased a memory upgrade. 

Unfortunately the opperating system upgrade didn’t work.  So I re-installed the opperating system. 

Unfortutuately the modem didn’t work with the new opperating system.  So I replaced the modem. 

Unfortunately the memory upgrade was faulty and needs to be replaced. 

Unfortunately the replacement modem won’t work a full speed.

Unfortunately I’m still going to be trying to sort this out tomorrow!

There are times when I just hate PCs.