Manchester Ship Canal Cruise – Royal Iris of the Mersey docked at Salford Quays

Today is my 40th Birthday.  Officially I’m not working today.  Although when you are freelance the distinction between when I’m working and when I’m not does blur a little.  We decided to celebrate my birthday by going on a cruise on the Manchester Ship Canal.

The trip starts in Salford Quays, lasts 6 hours and covers the 35 miles of the Manchester Ship Canal and 6 miles of the river Mersey to finish in front of the Liver Building in Liverpool.

We boarded our ferry the recently refurbished “Royal Iris of the Mersey” just before 12.00 noon.  It was rainy today.  Very rainy.  This however didn’t spoil the trip, there is plenty of under cover seating on the Mersey Ferry and depending on where you choose to sit a variety of views.  When the weather is nice the top deck of the ferry has an open deck on top with a semi covered deck in front of it.

We had a running commentary and explanation of the sights through much of the trip.  The guide managed to find just the right level between simplification and information overload.

As the ferry arrived in Liverpool slightly ahead of schedule we were treated to an extra mile or so of the river Mersey.  The boat went past its landing stage at the Liver Building and took us to the mouth of the Mersey before turning round to dock.

The return journey by coach was included in the price.  The trip was organised by the Mersey Ferry Company.

A Mums and Toddler Group Booking?


I’ve dropped off a portfolio of images to one of the leaders of the Mums and Toddler Group at our church today.  She is going to discuss the possibility of me doing a portrait session for them when they meet tomorrow.