Noting Serial Numbers

We were meant to be going to an RPS event in Derbyshire today, but Ann was feeling a little a ill this morning so we abandoned that idea and have stayed at home instead.  It has given me a chance to make in-roads in to cataloguing all my ‘business assets’ for insurance purposes.  The plan is to move these items (particularly the camera equipment) to a specialist insurance policy rather than keep them on the house hold policy.  It’s not a job I enjoy, getting each item out, noting its serial number, and trying to estimate a value for it.


Upload of Large Files


I mentioned in yesterday’s entry that I’d been having trouble uploading some large files to my website.  (Example Canon RAW files for Ed Hamrick, author of VueScan).  I’ve got round the problem of uploading the files via front-page by using FTP to do the upload.  I wanted to use the free FTP program from SeagullSW but having registered for this version the download site is not available.   So had to resort to using a 30 day trial version of CuteFTP – nice product, worked like a dream and the files are finally posted.


30 January 2007
I still use CuteFTP occasionally – but more often these days I use Filezilla for uploads of files.