Welcome to Windows XP

Putting the drive in my PC worked a dream – I was able to back up all the data.  Trying to get the replacement motherboard in Ann’s PC to see the drive when it was returned to her machine has proven somewhat troublesome.  Booting from W2K installation CD and selecting rescue could see it, and I could even access it via the rescue console.  But it refused to boot, even after having a new MBR and Bootsector written to it.  (Sorry for all the technical speak, but I want to keep a record of what I’ve done to resolve this).  The BIOS on the board only thinks it is an 8Gb disk instead of a 15Gb.  (Apparently that’s a known “limitation” of the BIOS!) And Even partition magic can’t see the partitions!!  Eventually FDISK let me destroy the partitions, and Partition Magic let me create them anew.  The long over due upgrade to XP installed and the PC is at last booting again.  Of course there’s no applications on there yet and I’ve discovered another problem – the spare mother board is a little too big the CD drive won’t fit in the PC’s Case.


I end the night with a PC, back in it’s case but with a CD sitting proud by 2.5in/6cm! Looks very bizarre but it is on the road to recovery.