Intel Motherboard and CPU

I was preparing my last ever expense claim before I leave the IT industry.  (I shall be ever so pleased to see the back of that corporate expense system and it’s in built red tape).  I needed to photocopy the receipts for sending off.  For photocopying I use a flat bed scanner on Ann’s PC.  When I came to power up the PC I found it to be completely lifeless.  Power is getting to the CD drive, and hard disk, but that’s it.  My conclusion at this stage is that the mother board is dead.  Fortunately I have a spare – a Pentium III  motherboard that used to live in my PC before it’s last upgrade.  All I need now is time to fit it.  This is turning out to be a very busy week and it’s only Monday.


VueScan Uploads


Got an email of Ed Hamrick – after all the problems I had uploading the Canon RAW files over the weekend.  He can only use IT8 sources.  The images I posted are of no use.  Oh well!


Possible Job Lead


I received a phone call today about the job lead I mentioned on Saturday.  I have a meeting with the company concerned tomorrow lunch time.  It does look very promising.  If the meeting is successful it looks like I will have some photographic work to do next week.  It sounds like they need the job doing as soon as possible.   Spent an hour or so tonight thinking through what they require.  They are looking for 4 photographs to illustrate 4 “tag lines” for their new website.