Sam and Sybil

Sam (left) and Sybil (right) our two cats are frequent subjects for my photography.  Sometimes they are even co-operative!  Give their involvement it this business venture as (unwilling?) subjects, I thought they deserved a mention in the journal.  They have been acting a little strange today (“They’re cats – how can you tell?” I hear you say).


At something past five this morning we were awoken by both cats outside our bedroom door crying is a very distressed manner.  When we got up to investigate what was going on, both cats were still crying on the landing when I heard the sound of our cat flap going.  We suspect we had a feline intruder in the night.  So much for having a cat flap which requires the cats to have magnets to get in.  We know at least some of the neighbourhood cats also have the magnets, and just occasionally the flap doesn’t latch correctly after our cats have been through.


I’ve seen both cats on guard duty at the cat flap today.  Not sure whether that is to repel boarders or just so they know when to run away.


QuickBooks 2002


Also today my Barclays Small Business adviser, called at the house to drop off a copy of QuickBooks 2002, the package he has recommended for keeping my business account on.  I’d ordered the 2003 version but that’s not going to be available for a few weeks yet so he’s given me 2002 to get me started on managing the account.  I’ll note more in this journal when I’ve had the chance to install it.  But I must just comment that so far I’m quite impressed with the service I’ve had from Barclays when it came to setting up the business account.  I hope it lasts.


New Film Scanner


Alamy ( is the photo library that a market my stock/travel images through.  They have recently increased the minimum scanned image size to 48Mb – my current scanner can only produce images 30-25Mb in size.  Minolta have recently announce a new scanner : Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 film scanner. Today I have placed a pre-order for the scanner with ACE Cameras in Bristol.  They are expecting their first few orders in the two or three weeks time.


29 Jan 2007 – Updates
Cat intruders continued to be a problem resulting in Sam being attacked in 2005 (For the full story see: – don’t click the link if you are squeemish).


Quickbooks I am still using it – can’t say I particularly like it – but there really isn’t that much choice.


The Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 scanner arrived and it is an excellent scanner and I am still using it!