Sign at Landmark House, Cheadle Hulme

Possible Job Lead


This lunch time I went to visit the company in “Landmark House” Cheadle Hulme that is interested in having me do photographs for their website.  It was a good meeting and we have agreement on the images required for the site.  We have also agreed a price.  I need to get the images done quickly for the company and will be doing most of the office based shooting on Wednesday next week.  There are still a couple of tricky images to finalise – I need to find a location where there are lots of people walking (probably at rush hour) for one shot.  We also need to find an ‘interesting modern building’ for another shot.  As the company recruits for the construction industry, I have asked them to see if they can suggest a building.  But I’ll be looking for a possible location also.


A Dead PC


I’ve started to take Ann’s PC apart to find the source of the problem.  So far I deduced that it is a dead mother board.  My spare mother board works fine, but is too big for the PC case.  If I install the motherboard in the existing case there is no room for the CD drive!  In addition to this the Hard Disk appears to have a problem.  My old motherboard can’t access it.  It maybe a faulty hard disk or it may be the fact the the mother board’s BIOS is dated from 1997.  I’m going to install the disk in my PC to see if I can access it.  I think this little problem is going to continue for a couple of days yet.