Pressing a button

I wanted to ensure I got my priorities right when I stared the new career.  I believe that this is what God want me to do.  I’ve committed 10% of my working week (or half a day) to the Christian Drama writing that I have been doing.  So after reading my bible and a time of prayer the mornings activities were all to do with Lifelines Drama Group.  Some paper work that had been sitting on my desk for a while.  And then I started to define the process by which I can email past script purchasers and those who have expressed an interest in Lifelines.

The First Photographic Job


Last week I’d been given an assignment by a recruitment company, that assignment involves taking photographs to illustrate a number of ‘strap lines’.  One photograph is of a person pointing as though they have just pressed a button.  This afternoon I set up the studio equipment to take that photograph.  To save on the cost of hiring a model I decided to use myself as the subject.  It is never easy doing self portraits, but this particular shot would have been impossible without the use of digital.  After each shot I could look at the preview and determine if I need to be back a little, left a little or what ever.

I also spent a little while making a list of the shots that I need to get on Wednesday when I attend their offices.