Canon EOS5 Camera

I collected my Canon EOS 5 film camera from Jessops today. It had been in for repair for the last 9 weeks. I’d bought this camera second hand last September and this is the second time it has been back. The first time for a sticky mode dial. This time because it appeared to have some timing problems – I’d noticed that some shots were in explicably under exposed. When I tried timing the shutter times I’d noticed something odd – at “15 sec” exposure was anything between 15 and 20 seconds. So back in March the camera when to be checked out. Today I went to collect it. In the shop I tested the 15 second exposure – it was 16 seconds. A 20 second exposure was actually 23 seconds. The odd thing was that when we compared this with another EOS 5 in the shop – it was also out by the same amount!! Are all canons this far out on their long exposures?

2015 Update:
I had forgotten all about this event from 12 years ago until I was preapring this POTD for reposting. I’ve just tested my digital 5D mark II. The ’15 sec’ exposure is consistently 16 secs. And the 30 sec exposure is 32 secs. So after all this time canon are still producing cameras with in acurate timings…. or are they? Let’s think about this for a moment. A full ‘stop’ is a halving or doubling of the light. If we go from 1sec. The full stops should be 2sec, 4sec, 8sec, 16sec and 32sec. So in reality the timings are correct but the labels we give to them by convention (ie 15sec and 30sec) are wrong.

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