My ARPS portfolio

In an attempt to get a little bit of publicity for my fledgling business, I’ve put together a press release about the ARPS distinction I’ve just been awarded and about the change of career.  It has been sent to a number of local newspapers – I’ll just have to wait to see if anyone publishes it.


One of the things I have learned recently is that most of the local free papers have disappeared!  We stopped getting them when we move house and I had just assumed that they were still going, but it appears not.  It looks like almost all the local papers in the area (both free and non-free) are owned by the same media group.  Form my point of view I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.


In addition to sending the press release I’ve started to try to make contacts with the local papers.  I’ve had a useful conversation with the chief photographer at one local paper.  He has said that he will keep my details on file, but that he doesn’t use freelancers too often.  But he has given me details of the photo editors for another paper that does use freelancers.  I’ll give them a call on Tuesday.


A Mums and Toddler Group Booking?


I’ve been told I’ve got the booking for the end of June.  Apparently a couple of the members of this group are past customers of mine and photos of their children were in my portfolio.  I understand that this generated a lot of interest.