May/June 2005

Everyone appears to be running blogs these days.  And it looks like I might be about to join them.

There is actually a very good reason for me considering doing this.  As the aim will be for this to be a photo blog.  It should encourage me to go out and take more pictures.

I did once try this, when I first went freelance – but it only lasted about a month.  But even so, one of the photos I took did eventually sell.  So here’s hoping that some of the pics in this blog will also sell.

I’m writing the blogging software myself… (yes, I know there’s loads of them out there but, I’m working on some web content management stuff which I want to make available to my webhosting customers, so this gives me the chance to tryout a number of the functions).  I found an excellent Javascript HTML editor at: which I’m using to write this.  The downside of writing it myself is that for quite a while, I’m going to be the only person able to read this blog!

There is just one last thing… I’m not really that fond of the word ‘blog’ so this will probably be known as my “Photo Diary” (I hope that doesn’t upset too many of the blog purists out there).

Oh and by the way, in case you are confused – this IS the first entry in the diary, the ones before this date have been entered ‘after the event’.