Padlock on a country gate

From Thursday 5th November through to (hopefully) Wednesday 2nd December, England will once again to be subject to a national lockdown.

To help take your mind off lockdown and coronavirus I’m issuing you with a photographic challenge.  The challenge is to create 20 different photographs on 20 consecutive days during the lockdown period.

Main Rules

  • For at least 20 consecutive days of the lockdown, create at least one photograph each day for the challenge.
  • Select the best image you create that day.
  • Within 48hrs of creating the photo you should post your selected image to the Ian’s Studio Facebook Group (  – caption your photograph Lockdown20/#  where # is the day number of your challenge.  (Eg Lockdown20/1, Lockdown20/2 etc)
  • You don’t have to be in England to take part.

Additional rules

  • Every selected image MUST be of a different subject. (Yeah, this is what makes it a challenge),  you need to think very carefully what you can photograph – you can’t just submit 20 images of your feet up watching telly!
  • You must start the challenge between 5th and 11th of November
  • You may continue beyond 20 days if you choose
  • The challenge will end when lockdown ends
  • If you miss a day before you get to 20 consecutive days – you have failed and are out of the challenge.
  • You must follow whatever lockdown restrictions apply to you – if you are permitted to go to work you may make photos at work; if you go out for your ‘statutory permitted exercise’ (aka Boris Walk) you make make photos while out for your walk, etc.
  • If you can use the images to tell the story of your personal lockdown experience
  • If you are not in England follow your local lock down restrictions

At the end

  • Please send me your full set of 20 images (wetransfer to is the preferred method)
  • I will choose up to 20 sets and make them into animated slideshows which I will screen and showcase as part of my weekly photography live stream.

Good luck everyone, stay safe and stay sane!