Test Shot – notice how even the lighting is!

I had a portrait session for a customer today and learned something new about my studio kit.  I discovered that I could turn one of my flash umbrellas inside out! 

Ok, ok, yawn, yawn.  But before you move to a different day let me explain the importance of this little discovery.  For the last two and a half years I’ve had a problem with many of the portraits I’ve taken – the lighting has been very uneven.  Actually uneven to the point of over exposure in certain areas.  The reason has been that I’ve had two different flash umbrellas – one was white, the other silver.  The silver one reflects the light differnetly to the white one.  Differently and more ‘intencely’.  The end result is that the side of the image with silver brolly can be a bit over exposed… or the side with the white brolly a little under exposed.

I discovered today that I could unclip the silver umbrella material and turn it over so that it became a white brolly.  Hey presto – two white brollies… and at last I get even lighting on my pics.

I wish I known that two years ago when I started using the brollies!