Energy Saving Light bulb

I moved over to ADSL over a week ago.  But I’m still waiting for a delivery of ADSL Filters.  At present every time the phone rings the ADSL line drops.  Add to that the fact that I can hardly hear what is being said on the phone because of the modem noise.

The ADSL filters should have come a week ago.  I chased the broadband supplier last week.  They said it should arrive on Friday or Saturday.  It didn’t.  Today the postman rang the bell and handed me a package – about the right size for an ADSL starter kit, and a pack of other mail.  I went through the other mail before going to open the box with my ADSL filters… only to find a box of light bulbs that Ann had ordered!  I am not happy.

Please don’t phone me up to sympathise with me… it’ll only cause the ADSL line to drop out and I probably wouldn’t be able to hear you any how!  :-(

UPDATE 6 Dec 2005 : The filter still hasn’t arrived in the post but Steve, a friend from church and a fellow photographer has loaned me one and I’m able to hear on the phone again.