Santa (rotary club collection)

Christmas definatley came early today.  Well it did for the cats – they got 4 new packets of treats, new collars, a new cat flap, and a new toy.

Sam refused to take his anti-biotics today (See 2nd Dec for an explanation as to why he needs to taken them).  I had three 20-30min sessions trying to get him to take it.  I kept hiding the tablet in his snacks and he kept eating the snacks and spitting out the tablet. 

Later in the day I found the cat that I susspect of being the cause of his injury upstairs in the bedroom where we have the cat beds.  Looking for all the world as though he had come inside to attack Sam again.

A trip to the local pet super store.  I came back with 4 different varieties of treats – surely one of them I can hide a tablet in.  A new hi-tech infra-red cat flap that will only let our cats go through it.  As part of that kit there were new collars on which hung the remote control device for the cat flap.  The new toy was a cat laser pointer for the cats to chase (great fun for me at least).

Cat flap installed, tablets taken, collers being worn and I’ve ‘tormented’ the cats with the laser pointer.  A short time later Santa was seen going down our street – I bet the cats think HE bought all the presents!  I know my place I’m only the live in human that brings the food and fixes the door when it lets unwanted guests in.