Tesco Extra

Finally did my Christmas shopping today.  I ended up doing most of it at the (relatively) new Tesco Extra in the town centre. 

Its the first time I’ve been in there, I’ve been sort of avoiding it.  But Ann asked for a specific item that I know I could only get from here.  It’s a long story but this site should have been an IKEA which would have been great news for the town, because the nearest one is 25 miles away.  However after a lot of appeals it was turned down apparently by some high up politition.  So instead we get yet another Supermarket.  If it carrys on like this the whole town is going to sink under the weight of Supermarkets. (Aldi, Asda, Sainsburyl and Tesco all practically door to door).   Add to that when they built this Tesco Extra they aledgedly made a mistake and accidently built the store 20% bigger than they had planing permission for.  And it looks like the council is going to let them get away with it.

Ok enough of the moaning.  As I said I did end up getting most of my Christmas shopping done here.  So I guess every little 20% helps!

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