Sam showing of his injury

Warning: Readers of a squimish nature should not look too closely at the above picture.

We have an injured cat.  Last night we discovered a large hole in the side of Sam, one of our cats.  It looks like he has been in a major fight.  It looks as though he ought to be in a lot of pain.  He isn’t.  He is behaving as thought there is nothing wrong.  Even the vet was a little surprised at the way Sam is so unconcerned about his injury.  He didn’t even flinch as the vet cut the fur away and put powder on the wound to help it heal.

I’ll be taking Sam back to the vets on Tuesday so they can monitor the healing process.  Meanwhile Sam is abusing the situation… he is doing all the naughty things that would ordinairily get him thrown out of the house…. I’m convinced he knows that I haven’t the heart to chuck him out at the moment!

UPDATE 6 Dec 2005 : He was taken back to the vet today and re-examined.  He is making good progress and it is likely he won’t need stitches.