I got an angry email from a fellow photo diary writer today.  He was (quite rightly) anoyed about a comment posted in his blog critisizing a photograph he had taken… and even worse… calling his cat “ugly”.  Whoever had posted the comment had signed it with MY name, MY email address, and linked it to MY photography website.  Not only that but the person concerned had sufficient technical knowhow to hide their IP address when posting the comment.

Obviously I’m anoyed that my name and details should be used in this way.  And I do find it more than a little disturbing.  Why has someone chosen to use my identity?  Have I done something to cause this reaction?  Is this the start of some campaign against me?  Is this being done by someone I know?

If the person who stole my identity is reading this, I want you to know that I hold no grudge or ill feelings against you.  But I would like to understand WHY you have done this.