St. Paul’s, Heaton Moor

This coming Sunday there won’t be a service at St. Martin’s (the church we normally go to).  Instead the local Anglican churches are having a combined service at St. Paul’s, Heaton Moor.

Yesterday, evening I was at our “Cell Group” (A home based Bible study group within our church…. no I don’t like the name either!).  One of the members of that Group, Don, was asking about the service:

“Where is St. Paul’s, Heaton Moor?”, He asked.
“It’s on the corner of St. Paul’s Road and Heaton Moor Road.” We told him.
Somehow the description just didn’t sound that helpful!

So today’s Picture of the Day is for you, Don.  This is a picture of the building you are looking for.  It was looking particularly picturesque in the setting sun this afternoon.  Unfortunately I can’t promise it will look like that on Sunday. 

And if you still aren’t sure here’s a map too: St Paul’s, Heaton Moor