Sybil – My first photo with my Canon 5D

I took delivery of my new camera today!  Wey hey!  It’s a Canon 5D with a full frame sensor.  Wey hey!  I’m really looking forward to not having focal multipliers to contend with.  And best of all I get my wide-angles back!!  Wey hey!

I appear to have something of a tradition of my first photographs with a new camera of  being of a family pet.  With my first Canon (film) camera it was Freeway my parent’s dog.  With my 10D it was our cat, Sam.  This time it was Sam’s sister, Sybil.

More 5D images over the next few days as I start playing with it.

16 March 2006:
Entry posted a couple of days late – due to being busy playing with the aforementioned 5D!