The Trinity Frontal, covering the alter at Bath Abbey

Todays image is the Trinity Frontal, covering the alter at Bath Abbey.  I have a program on my PC which randomly changes my desktop wallpaper.  Images are picked form a series of folders containing copies of my stock photography.  Earlier this weekend this image was selected.

I remember being memorised by the detail in both the frontal (the alter covering) and in the screen behind the altar.  But as I’ve looked at this image over the weekend I’ve also been transfixed by the life and freshness that has been captured in the tapestry fountain.

News about POTD

Also over the weekend I’ve been finalising some new features for the Picture of the Day website.  Some of these I’ve been experimenting with for a while, some are new.  Here’s the round up of all of them.

Diary Mirror
You can view a duplicate of the POTD at this ‘mirror’ started out as simply an RSS feed for the site, but because of the notificaitons system built into MSN MySpaces it is now getting visitors in it’s own right.  Each time a new entry is posted here it is duplicated at  If you are having problems viewing the wider images at you may find the MSN Spaces “mirror” an easier way to see the images are they are resized to a narrower format.

It is now possible to post comments about the images you have seen here.  You can not do it directly at, but if you want to comment on a photo diary entry you can do so at

Receive updates by email.
It is now possible to receive the picture of the day by email. Each time a new entry is posted to the photo diary you will receive an email containing a link to the new image and the text of the entry.  To subscribe simply send a blank email mail to

Again the receive updates by email option may be of interest to anyone who has a problem with the recent wider images, because the version of the image that is sent out that way is a little narrower.

If you have any problems with any of these items or want more information please let me know