Archway House

13 May 2006
Images in this photo diary are being posted about two weeks late!  Please bear with me… all the entries for all the days do exist… but  rather than swamp you with two weeks worth of pictures in one go I’m uploading several images each day until I manage to catch up.  (And I am gradually catching up at last!).  Don’t forget to use the ‘previous’ link to ensure you don’t miss any!

Today’s theme – Robin Hood Country. (A selection of images from my recent visit to Nottinghamshire).

4 May – Archway House
We passed this rather unusual building on our Nottinghamshire walk.  It is called Archway House and it is not far from Edwinstowe.  Apparently it is a copy of  Priory Gate House at Worksop.  From what we saw it is currently being lived in.  So that must make it one of the most unusual homes in the country.