Turned to stone

30 May 2006 – We were away camping over the weekend, so I wasn’t able to post to the POTD.  As ever the photos exist, so I’ll catch up over the next day or so.

26 May 2006
We spent the day in and around Matlock Bath.  We visited the lead mining museum where we both got to do a bit of simulated caving (including climbing up shafts and crawling over rocks). 

The weather wasn’t up to much so my photographs were limitted to a few shots inside Matlock Bath’s famous petrifying well.  Where objects are turned to stone by deposits of calcite in the water.  It’s about 20 years since I last visited the well and in that time not only has it turned loads of things to stone but it has also crossed over to the other side of the main road.  (Looks like the old well has been demolished and a new one oppened in a different location).