Shoes for Sale

15 May 2006
This Photo Diary is currently running a few days late. (Which is a big improvemnt over the several weeks late that it has been!)  All the entries for all the days do exist… and I’m uploading several images each day until I manage to catch up.  Don’t forget to use the ‘previous’ link to ensure you don’t miss any!

Today’s theme – more photos from my recent trip to Tunisia

14 May – Shoe Shops
I have never seen so many shoe shops in my life as I did in Tunisia.  You can buy shoes everywhere.  In the markets, in the streets, in the shopping precints.  In fact in one shopping precinct we discovered that well over half of all the shops in the shopping centre were shoe shops.  In one section of that centre thre were 6 different shoe shops next to each other!

It must be something in the Tunisian water that makes people want to buy footware.  Even I bought two pairs of slippers before I came home!