The Staff of Moses

Another image that has been digitally enhanced.  This is picture of the Staff of Moses monument on top of Mount Nebo in Jordan.  Mount Nebo is the place where it is believed that Moses died, after he climbed the mountain to get a glimpse of the promised land.

The image doesn’t show the scale of the monument, but it is about 20ft tall – if memory serves me right.  The sculpture is supposed to have a double symbolism.  Firstly it represents a staff with a snake wrapped round it.  You may have seen such symbols before – it is commonly used as a medical logo/symbol.  It relates to a time when the Israelites were sick and God told Moses to put a snake on his staff, stand in the camp and all who look on the staff with snake on it, would be healed.

The second representation in this sculpture is supposed to be Christ on the cross – the head of the snake and the upper part of its body forming the head of Jesus surrounded by a halo.

Photographically the background has been coloured and the foreground has been digitally forced in to silhouette.