There are two unhappy men in the Butterfield family at the moment.  Both my Dad and I are very disappointed and annoyed at Pinnacle Systems – makers of the video editing software “Pinnacle Studio 10 Plus”. 

Ann and I bought Dad an upgrade to this product as a birthday present, and I installed it on his machine.  Yesterday we discovered it has a bug and while Dad can capture and edit movies – the software just will not produce any DVDs or any other form of output.  After searching on-line it appears we are not the only ones to come across this problem and the Pinnacle Systems forums have lots of people complaining about the error.

To help Dad, we decided I should install the software on my PC to see if we can replicate the problem (so that I don’t have to drive across town every time I want to try out a possible fix).  In order to do this I needed to make some additional space on my PC… unfortunately Partition Magic the program I was using to make space on my PC managed to leave my PC in a state where it would no longer boot. 

So there we have it – two unhappy men.  One with a video editing PC that won’t create any output and the other with a PC that needs a complete reinstallation of the opperating system, and all programs.

I told you we were unhappy.