A detail from the statue of Saint Michael defeating Satan on the side of the new Coventry Cathedral

This is the second image that I referred to in yesterday’s POTD entry

It is in fact a detail from a statue of St Michael defeating Satan.  This is the feet of Satan bound in chains.  The image however was being used in a service on suffering.  This raises an interesting question – the context of the photo is that it is a photo of a statue of Satan’s defeat.  But the detail I photographed could very easily ‘say’ suffering. 

I have mixed feelings about it being used out of context.  Part of me thinks “No, no, no… this is Satan… Satan in chains is great news… that’s the end of suffering.”  On the other hand sculpture is art, photography is art and art is all about what the viewer sees in it.  So if a person sees suffering and they don’t know the context that’s fine.

What do you think?