Chapel on top of Mount Sinai

Arriving at the very top of Mout Sinai, you discover several things. 

Firstly that the top isn’t actually very big, and a significant amount of what space there is, is taken up with a chapel (and with orange Fanta sellers).

Secondly you start to wonder how you get several hundred people to witness a sunrise on the summit without some of them falling off.  A couple of members of our party found out – they had to hold on tight as they got pushed nearer and nearer the edge.

Thirdly you suddenly realise that the top of Mount Sinai is very high up (you definately wouldn’t want to get pushed off by an over eager tourist!).

Fouthly, given how high the mountain is, and given how long it just took you to get to the top, you gain a real respect for Moses.  He climbed it according to the book of Exodus at least four times (three times in the space of a couple of days) AND he was 80 years old at the time.

Go Moses!