Nottingham Castle

Had a busy day.  First of three family portrait days.  The next two Saturday’s I’m doing it all over again.

Flopped in front of the telly and watched the first episode in the new Robin Hood series.  Enjoyed it.  Well done BBC.  It was particularly nice to see Sam Troughton in the series.  His grandfather Patrick “Doctor Who” Troughton was the first person to play Robin Hood on TV.  The Troughton family are turning in to quite a dynasty of actors.  Patrick, David (Patrick’s son, and Sam’s father) and now Sam.

All this is a preamble to explain the photo.  It seamed an appropriate day to report the fact that I sold this photo of Nottingham castle last week.  Not a very big sale at all.  So don’t tell the Sheriff or Sir Guy of Gisborne ‘cos there’ll be nothing left if they took their ‘tax’ from it!

Sales info… for those keeping track…

Country: Russian Federation
Usage: Editorial
Media: Consumer
Industry: Retail books/magazines/newspapers
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: Spot
Start: 04 October 2006
End: 04 January 2007