Obelisk at Luxor Temple

Recently I posted a series of images relating to my LRPS submission.  Today I’d like to start a follow-on series.  This time it is the images that made up my ARPS submission.

As well as submitting images for the ARPS acreditation.  I had to submit a statement of intent.  This was mine:

The Splendour of Thebes

Egypt is one the world’s oldest civilisations.

Over 3000 years ago in the royal residences at Thebes (modern-day Luxor) the Pharaohs of “The New Kingdom” would have been surrounded by temples, where offerings would be made to the gods personified by Pharaoh himself and represented by stone statues. Each successive king made his bid for immortality by building a mortuary temple where his spirit would be worshipped after his death and by adding more and more richly carved pylons, courts, obelisks and pillars to existing temples.

What remains of this civilisation today is still an incredible sight, but it is only a shadow of what it must have been when the nation was ruled by Pharaohs like Akhenaten, Tutankhamun and Ramses. Some temples lie in ruins, some have been built on, but others are being painstakingly restored, or even rebuilt.

Over the next few days, as I post images from the submission, you can judge for yourself how well (or not) my images worked with that statement of intent.