Archway House near Sherwood Forest

This is yet another image that I used the Photoshop training on Monday. 

In responce to the comments about the correction of verticals in yesterday’s image.  Yes, I do tend to leave a very slight convergence to the verticals in some of my images – it all depends on what looks right. I had intended making that exact comment durring the training but overlooked it.  (Sorry guys).  I didn’t leave any convergence on this image nor with the Monistir image.  I with the Monastir image a slight conversion does help the “funny tops” problem and to my eye looks like there is still a conversion.

As for the strange effects on the column tops on yesterday’s images that was due to the fact that that particular image required a lot of vertical correction. In the training session I’d used this photo over archway house to demonstrait how to correct verticals.  The Monastire photo was chosen as a closing exersice because it had multiple things to correct – perhaps I ought to find a better photo for that purpose next time I run a session like that.