Christmas in Manchester

I’m trying to start the year with some good habits.  Posting my picture of the day regularly is one.  Trying to make sure I read at least a few verses from the Bible each day is another.  Trying to keep my desk tidy… that sort of thing.  What I call my “New Year Revolutions.”  I tend to call them that because the goals I set in January usually involve upheaval and the overthrow of the old regime.  Oh yes and like a revolving door they tend to come and go all in the same action! 

When I checked my ‘account’ with Alamy this morning I discovered I’d had another sale.  It’s today’s POTD the fifth different version of Christmas in Manchester that I’ve sold.  Look at the sale details:  For my previous sale I sold a camel to an Arab – this time I’ve sold a Christmas tree to Norway!

Country: Norway
Usage: Editorial
Media: Consumer Magazine
Industry: Health & Beauty
Sub-Industry: Miscellaneous Beauty Aids
Print run: up to 10,000
Placement: Inside
Image Size: 1/2 page
Start: 30 December 2006
End: 30 January 2007