Test Pattern (size reduced)

I recently purchased two new monitors for my computer system.  I’ve been having problems with them.  Firstly one of them has an ever growing number of ‘hot’ pixels – pixels perminently on.  (That is in hand, the manufacturer has agreed to swap that monitor).

Secondly I’m having a terrible ‘interference’ problem.  Bands of interferrence moving in waves up the screen.  (Not good when you are trying to adjust photos). To diagnose the problem I’ve spent quite a lot of time looking at the above test pattern on the screen today.  (Once I got hold of it according to the maual it should be on the manufactures website… it is… sort of… it is generated by a diagnostic program and NOT (as the manual says) a downloadable BMP file)

After running a number of tests I currently believe the interferrence is due to some component within my PC… now all I have to do is work out which one.  Ho hum.  If you have any thoughts on how to detect a PC component that is generating excessive RF(?) interference please, please let me know.

By a strange coincidence the postings from 2003 that I’m uploading at the momement also deals with PC problems (Ann’s rather than mine) and test images (me trying to upload one).

For those following my 2003 entries you can find those two submissions (and a couple of photos to go with them) at:

http://www.imb.biz/page.php?pg=diary&d=2003-05-11 and