Fountains in front of Bab El Bahar, an ancient city gate. Place de la Victoire, Tunis, Tunisia

I spend most of today in bed with a migraine, as a result I haven’t cleaned-up many photos today.  The few I have done are of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. 

For today’s POTD I’ve selected this image of the fountains in front of Bab El Bahar, an ancient city gate.  The square is marked on the map as “Place de la Victoire”.  However we discovered that when we asked taxi drivers to take us to “Place de la Victoire” they didn’t appear to know of it… or at least they claimed not to have heard of it.  It was only some time later that it occured to us, one possible reason for this.  “Place de la Victoire” is French for something like:  “Victory Square”.   Perhaps, quite rightly, the Tunisians don’t want to be reminded of their defeat at the hands of the French.  We never did find out what name the locals know the square as.