Copy Cats

We arrived home at about 2.30am this morning after spending a week in Crete.  That is why there has been no POTD entries for the last week, if you were wondering.  I’ve kept my “New Year’s Revolution” (to do my POTD each day) I have done a photo of the day for each day that we were a way, but so that I don’t swamp you with them I’m posting one a day for the next week in addition to my ‘real time’ POTD entries.  The first of the Crete entries can be found here:

But enough of Crete… what of today?  Well we got the cats back from the catery this morning, and took them for their annual cat MOT/injections staight afterwards (the catery is behind the vets).  Then we brought them home… only to rush Sybil back to the vets a little over an hour later.  She fainted/passed out and fell from a window ledge.  She was unhurt, thankfully, but after talking to the vets we think this is a symptom of a heart problem.  We will just have to wait and see how she gets on long term.  Shortly after we brought her back from the vets we found her and Sam side by side, in the two photo copier box lids that they have claimed as beds.   So that’s today’s POTD.