Death Of Innocence

I’ve been doing some research today in order to correctly caption and keyword some images I took while I was in Ireland.  It was interesting and thought provoking.  Take this photo for example.  When I took the photo is was just another photo I took it because I thought it looked ‘nice’.

Having done my reasearch today I discovered the painting is by the Bogside Artists (Tom Kelly, William Kelly and Kevin Hasson).  Details about this mural can be found on the artists’ website (

It is a painting of a 14 year old girl, Annette McGivigan, who was killed by the British Army on 6 September 1971 during the troubles/conflict/war in Northern Ireland.   The mural is called “Death of Innocence”.

Somehow it no longer seems right to call this a ‘nice’ photo or a ‘nice’ painting.