Car Crime

Ann and I were both down at the Garrick Theatre this evening.  Ann on box office, me taking photos of Twelfth Night.

This was how we found the car when we came out.  BOTH side windows put through and someone had been searching through the glove compartment – presumable for the front of the CD/Radio  (Which wasn’t in the car anyhow).

The police said that the car was too dangerous to drive with all the broken glass in it, and that it should be taken home by the recovery services.  Don’t get me started on the battle we had to persude them to come out and get the car.  But it took 45 mins of persude them that we couldn’t drive the car, and then we had to wait for the recover vehical after that.

Ho hum…  at least we’re home now.  Now all I have to do is deal with the 300+ photos I took of the show.