“New Life” Mural on the corner of Townsend Street and Shankill Road, Belfast

Normally, I quite enjoy doing the research for captioning my photos.  Learning new things about the places I visited and photographed.  Today was a bit of an exception.  I’ve been researching and captioning my photos of the Belfast murals.  I find it hard to sumon up enthusiasm as I have to try to find out what the next set of para-millarty initials and abreviations stand for.  I find that I really don’t want to know about paramilatary groups… on either side of the conflict.

Thankfully there was one mural that a photographed in Belfast that did leave me with some hope, and so that’s the one I’ve uploaded as my Photo of the Day.

(BTW – the last of the delayed Crete entry was also posted to day, you can find it at: http://www.imb.biz/page.php?pg=diary&d=2007-05-29)