A mural in Belfast

I always learn new facts when I’m captioning and keywording.  Over the last week or so I’ve learned more about the troubles in Northern Ireland than I really wanted to know.  Today as I finished captioning my Belfast murals I learned something about the US National Anthem.

I’m aware that any Americans reading this photo diary will know this already.  But I didn’t before today, and I strongly suspect that most other Brits won’t either.  I was reasearching the mural image above.  And I wanted to know where the words came from.  I was quite shocked to find that it comes from the first verse of the US National Anthem.

And the rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air
Gave proof thro the night that our flag was still there

I understand it was written in a different time but given the state that Iraq is in over four years after the US led invasion, it is very unfortunate that the words are in the anthem at all.

I pray to God that there will be real peace in Iraq and in the rest of the Middle East, and I pray that it will be soon.